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Desiging tools to help you organize and track what's important to you.

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Our team

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson
    Co-Founder, President
    Technologist ~ Architect

    Rich is a serial entrepreneur & computer engineer. He is passionate about developing elegant and usable solutions for everyday needs.

  • Grace Johnson
    Grace Johnson
    Grace Johnson
    Designer ~ Goalery Evangelist

    Grace is a web designer/developer, and technology enthusiast. She strives for elegance and simplicity in design and in life.

Our Story

Rich and Grace Johnson conceived of Goalery when Rich was undergoing treatment for cancer. Grace kept track of all the meds, feedings, reactions, and results using an Excel spreadsheet to log vital information for the medical team. While Grace was out chauffeuring the kids to various activities, she couldn't tell if Rich took his meds on time. It was equally important that the kids stay on task with their homework and music practice. Then factor in Grandma and Grandpa who also needed help tracking their meds and appointments.

That was the genesis of Goalery, an app that's easy to use for setting objectives, tracking who's doing what, when, and how, and providing support for family and teams. It's like a family communication center where you share information, responsibilities, and achievements!

Rich is now cancer-free. He and Grace have developed an innovative approach to help manage personal and family goals. They and their team passionately believe that Goalery can make a difference to many families who face similar challenges in managing their daily lives.